Do Facial Exercises Work

Honestly, Do Facial Exercises Work?

You may be asking yourself “Do facial exercises work?” Yes, facial exercises do work! Just as other muscles in your body can tone up with a little exercise, your facial muscles can do the same!

You might have heard that facial exercises increase the likelihood of developing wrinkles or creases. While it is true that common contributors to wrinkles include frowning, laughing, smiling, and other repetitive facial expressions, they are not the sole cause of wrinkles, and neither is facial exercise. Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. As we get older our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag. Facial exercises will help tighten and tone the skin, but eventually there will be some signs of age cropping up.

Back to your question of “do facial exercises work”, it is a definite yes—as long as you stick to it and choose the best exercises for your skin! For some people, standard facial exercises may suffice, but the real firming of skin will occur with resistance exercises. This works much in the same way as using weights to tone your arms and legs or exercise bands to strengthen your back and shoulders. Applying resistance to your face is simple; you can use your fingers to gently add that extra bit of weight, or you can invest in a specialized tool created to apply resistance during facial exercise. Later in the article I will list a few starter exercises (complete with resistance techniques) that you can try.

The benefits of performing facial exercises will not only influence the muscle tone in your face, but exercise will also improve the overall health of your skin. Now we mentioned earlier that your skin will tighten along with your muscles, but that’s not even the best part! When your muscles tone up, your skin will see much better blood flow. Good circulation is important for skin all over your body, as it helps to bring nutrients to the skin and filter out toxins that can contaminate skin cells. For some, this increased blood flow results in a “glowing” appearance where they normally might have appeared sallow or pale.

Do facial exercises work? –Challenge yourself with the following exercises to find out!

Exercise 1: Flexing the Orbicularis Oculi (muscles under the eyes)

This exercise works the under-eye muscles by performing a partial wink. This is an easy exercise to start out with, but will definitely provide results when resistance is applied. Start out by doing a simple partial wink (the eye doesn’t have to close all the way). Try not to clamp your eye shut—the best results are gained when your eyes are slightly cracked open and the skin around isn’t scrunched too much. To apply resistance, gently place your fingertips around the temple and eyebrow and lift upwards.  Recommended repetitions: 40 – 50 per day.

Exercise 2: Orbicularis Oris (muscles around the mouth)

This exercise can help plump the lips as well as strengthen the area around the mouth. For this exercise, you may feel a little funny, but it’s definitely a good one to include in your facial exercise regimen! To start, hook your index finger in each corner of your mouth (much in the way you may have done as a child when making faces at your friends!). To perform the exercise, tighten your mouth as if to make an “O” shape. Making this shape should pull your fingers closer together. Hold this contraction for a few seconds, then relax your muscles. Recommended repetitions: 30 per day.

Exercise 3: Platysma (front of the neck)

This exercise may make you feel like a fish, but it will definitely help to prevent or treat saggy or loose skin around on the neck and under the chin. To do this exercise, place your hand (palm down) on the base of your throat and tilt your head back. Be sure that you “reach” upward using your chin, slightly jutting your lower lip upward over the top lip. When you feel the neck and chin muscles engaging, hold the position for a few seconds before relaxing. Recommended repetitions: 25 per day.