Facial Acupuncture

A Few Facts About Facial Acupuncture

Everyone wants to look younger these days, but is facial acupuncture really a good alternative to traditional facelifts and skin creams? Some enthusiasts are claiming that it’s a miracle treatment, while others are still unsure about how effective it really is. So how does facial acupuncture work in the first place?

A series of fine needles are basically inserted into the face during the procedure. The needles are very fine and depending on the procedure type, might be inserted into deep wrinkles, fine lines, pressure points, or certain muscles. As many as 30 needles at a time could be employed.

Sometimes, needles might also be inserted into other parts of the body as well, such as the hands and feet. In Chinese medicine, the entire body is typically treated at once, as it is believed that everything works together. Acupuncture is sometimes used to help strengthen the immune system, which can have overall benefits on the face and skin.

There is some tingling and pain associated with the procedure, but most report that it is slight and that it only lasts for a moment. Supposedly, the tingling is meant to be the blood movement under the skin which helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. The needles might also cause a sort of irritation under the skin which can also help with wrinkles as well.

It is also possible that the acupuncture can help relax the face, thus smoothing out the lines, too. An argument that some dermatologists make to this is that it isn’t enough of a change to last, especially considering that years of sun damage and facial expressions have caused the lines to form in the first place.

Those people expecting to find dramatic or even instant results like they might find with a facelift or Botox might be disappointed in facial acupuncture. The differences are much more subtle and might not even be noticeable at first.

What you might notice are smoother fine lines, wrinkles that are not as deep, and an overall even tone to your skin. Some people report walking away feeling as though they have had a facial. In fact, most experts try to avoid using the term “facelift” anywhere near acupuncture performed on the face since it can be misleading.

Those that put a lot of stock in traditional Chinese medicine also claim that it can help reduce insomnia, help control weight, and even have some positive effects on some of the internal organs. Of course, there haven’t been any major medical studies done on these things, but many people still believe the procedure to be helpful in these areas.

As well as the needles, other items that might be used in the procedure include essential oils, pulsed light, aromatherapy, moisturizers, and herbal poultices. If you are pregnant or allergic to any oils then you should mention this before you go into the procedure.

For those people that want a subtle difference and are opposed to pricey cosmetic procedures such as surgery, this can be an alternative that offers relaxing effects at a lower price.

Facial acupuncture should only be performed by a professional that has been trained specifically in the procedure. Depending on where you go, it costs anywhere from $100 to $200 per session. A session typically lasts around 1 hour. It is recommended that a person go through 10 sessions, which would mean going once or twice per week, for the maximum benefit. After that, to maintain the effects it is suggested continuing to receive the acupuncture at least once a month.