Facial Pores

Facts About Enlarged Facial Pores

If you have been cleansing your face incorrectly for a long period of time, you could be suffering with enlarged facial pores. This usually occurs from years of sun damage, trapped dirt and oil, smoking, an improper diet and acne. Pores are small hair follicle openings and they are needed because through them, the oil glands lubricate and protect the skin surface.  These pores also allow the skin to breathe. Things like dirt and bacteria can enter these pores and with improper cleansing techniques, they quickly turn into pimples or blackheads and they can cause skin discoloration. After a period of time, the facial pores can become enlarged and this can age a person considerably. The skin will look discolored, sagging and spotted.

Enlarged facial pores can run in a family and if it does, you will have a better chance of suffering with it too. The sun damages the elastin and collagen on the face and this can result in enlarged facial pores. The skin loses the elasticity and the collagen is no longer able to keep the face tight. But the biggest reason for enlarged facial pores is, not removing all of the dirt when cleansing the face.  This usually happens to people with combination skin. They may not take the time to remove the excess dirt and oil in one area on the face because the rest of the face is considered dry. If they do not address their own specific problem, the pores will become larger and more pronounced. Luckily, there are ways to prevent and maintain large facial pores.

You should try to address this problem immediately. The longer you let it go, the larger the pores will get. The first thing to do is to assess your face for oily and dry zones. You might have an over production of oil around the nose are and on your forehead. While at the same time, your chin and face are actually very dry. So you must address both of these things when you wash your face. Wash the oily areas twice a day with a normal type of soap and avoid using it on your chin or the sides of your face. You can apply an astringent to the oily areas and also apply a moisturizer to the dry areas. This might seem like a lot to incorporate into a daily routine but it will help to reduce enlarged facial pores.  There are a few home remedies; you can use to help in the process.

Eggs whites are an all natural way to tighten the skin. Take an egg and separate the yoke from the egg white. Use a cotton ball and apply it to your face. Let it completely dry and rinse off the egg. You will immediately notice a lift in the skin. This procedure can be a bit drying, so limit this treatment to once every few weeks. You can use moisturizers after the treatment for your dry areas.

There are many pore minimizing treatments that are now available. They do minimize pores but the results vary. They can cost anywhere from $20.00 to $100.00 and there is no way to tell which product will work the best for you. Pore minimizes do work if you consistently use these solutions but you may have to try out a few brands before you choose one.

Perhaps the simplest way to reduce enlarge facial pores is to always wash your face in luke warm water. Hot water can dry out the pores and make them considerable larger. The most important thing is to concentrate on the oily areas and keep them clean.