Grow Facial Hair Faster

Can You Grow Facial Hair Faster?

The only established way to grow facial hair faster, is to grow older. As we age, our facial hair tends to become thicker, and also grows a bit faster. If you have the time and patience, faster facial hair growth will eventually happen, though the increased rate probably won't be all that noticeable. One could better spend one's time watching paint dry or grass grow.

Mostly of what happens with our hair, aside from disease or disaster, is determined genetically. We are born with a predetermined number of facial hair follicles, and that can't be changed. Not much can be done about how the hair follicles function either. About the only thing we can do is damage or destroy hair follicles, so they will no longer function. When they are functioning, the hair shaft will grow at a predetermined rate and to a predetermined length. In other words, what you see is what you've got.

Shaving Doesn't Help - There are a number of myths regarding hair growth rate as well as hair thickness. And there are more than a few products on the market which attempt to use these myths to advantage. Some even appear to work, but what is actually happening is an illusion. One of the more common myths regarding facial hair is that shaving will make the hair grow back thicker. Some people also believe that shaving a hair will cause it to grow back faster. Neither is true. When you shave, the emerging stubble usually appears thicker. This makes sense because hair shafts are always thickest at the follicle, then thin out towards the tip. So when you see new hair growth, you're looking at the thickest part of the hair shaft. As the hair grows out, it will eventually look just like it did before you shaved it.

The Brain Doesn't Know What The Hair Is Doing - A far as hair growing faster when it has been cut, consider this. A hair shaft consists of keratin. It has no blood vessels and no nerve endings. If you cut off a hair shaft, there are no nerve impulses to tell the brain that the hair shaft has been decapitated. The brain remains completely unaware of what has happened to the hair shaft. The hair shaft will continue to grow as it always has, no faster and no slower.

Things Are Not What They Seem - Shampoos or topical solutions won't either. A shampoo may cause the hair shafts to temporarily swell, giving the appearance of thicker and perhaps more rapidly growing hair, but this is an illusion, and one which does not last long. There are things you can do with your hair that may give an appearance of thickness of more rapid growth, but in all cases the result it an illusion. The ultimate illusion is of course a fake beard.

Minoxidil Is Not Recommended - You may be advised to use a compound called Minoxidil, or a product containing Minoxidil, to stimulate faster facial hair growth. Minoxidil has been successfully used in scalp treatments to encourage hair growth in the scalp. If does not necessarily encourage faster hair growth however. Whether it does or not is somewhat beside the point. Minoxidil treatments can take several months to be effective when applied to the scalp. It remains to be proven that the compound is effective for facial hair, and frequent application of any unproven topical solution to the face is seldom a good idea. If it does work, there is always the possibility that hair will grow in unintended places or unusual patterns. In other words, if the topical solution worked, it could bring with it a whole new set of problems with regards to one's appearance.

The best advice is to forget about looking for ways to grow facial hair faster, recognizing there probably aren't any. Focus instead on caring for the hair you have, perhaps relying on treatments that give an illusion of faster or fuller growth. You hair will do what it will do. You can't grow facial hair faster.